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  "You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows" -Dylan
We all know by now we are in a time of profound change. 
There is a necessity to address our underlying pain, to awaken from unconscious patterns and projections, to transform the limiting beliefs that inform our lives and infuse our social systems. These systems are under duress precisely because they no longer serve greater humanity and cannot be sustained on our planet.

We are personally challenged to expand our awareness, to grow and create a new comprehensive vision of what is possible both for ourselves and the world that is coming into being. 

And we all need help sometimes to come into a new understanding of our personal path and our creative potential so as to re-ignite the flame of inspiration. 
             Inner Energy Transformation- Leigh McDougall, M.A.

Leigh McDougall is a gifted intuitive facilitator of self-realization. She guides a powerful inquiry into the inner complexes and beliefs that prevent personal growth. Her clients begin to experience a release from limitations that have shaped their self-identity and relationships. They begin to actualize change n their lives.

Leigh McDougall's work is masterful. She has the ability to take someone to a whole new level and create immediate breakthroughs. If your intention is to experience change in any area of your life you couldn't be in better hands.                                   
                           C. Andersen- New Energetics     

I met Leigh at a time in my life when I needed to change but couldn't.  Through my work with her I was able to make some important decisions that set me on a new more fulfilling path. I began to believe in myself and take risks, something I would not have had the courage to do before. Leigh accesses a profound level of knowledge and vision. She guided me to heal long standing issues that I was unable to release even after years of excellent therapies. I highly recommend Leigh for those who want to change and live life more fully.  
                                                            K. McCarthy