INNER ENERGY TRANSFORMATION - Multi-Dimensional Healing & Counseling

Activating Life-Changing Breakthroughs 

We are in a time of profound change. We are personally challenged to expand our awareness, to grow and create a new comprehensive vision of what is possible both for ourselves and the world that is coming into being.

Are you ready for a change?

Leigh McDougall is a gifted intuitive facilitator of self-realization processes. She has the ability to reveal and catalyze the release of core mental and emotional patterns that are the sources of stress, conflict and limitations that shape our lives and relationships. This work is about activating life-changing breakthroughs.

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It is a process of awakening to who you really are. Your unique contribution to the expansion of consciousness and creativity is important in this extraordinary time of planetary change. 

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"What may take many months and even years in cognitive or talk therapy, meditation practices or other well-known energetic modalities, Leigh is able to get at the heart of in a few sessions. Her work awakens the untapped potential that lies within. If you are ready to make a substantial change in how you live your life, you couldn’t be in better hands."       
                        C. Andersen- New Energetics