INNER ENERGY TRANSFORMATION - Multi-Dimensional Healing & Counseling

 Life-Changing Breakthroughs in Mind-Body-Spirit

 Leigh McDougall, M.A. 

Leigh McDougall is a gifted intuitive facilitator of self-realization processes. She has the ability to initiate the release of core energetic patterns that are the source of conflict and limitations in our lives and our relationships. 

"Over the years of working with people I've gained greater insight into the archetypal patterns that form our personal reality. These conditioned mental and emotional patterns become concentrated knots where life-force energy is withheld. Unwinding these areas allows an opening to realizations and renewal. This expanded inner awareness touches on many levels in a way that is both grounding and freeing. It is life-changing from the inside out." 

"What may take many months or years in cognitive or talk therapy, meditation practices or other well-known energetic modalities, Leigh is able to get at the heart of in a few sessions. Her work awakens the untapped potential that lies within. If you are ready to make a substantial change in how you live your life, you couldn’t be in better hands."                                   
                                                C.  Andersen- New Energetics

"I met Leigh at a time in my life when I needed to change but couldn't.  Through my work with her I was able to make some important decisions that set me on a new more fulfilling path. I began to believe in myself and take risks.  Something I would not have had the courage to do before. Leigh accesses a profound level of knowledge and vision. She guided me to heal long standing issues that I was unable to release even after years of excellent therapeutic modalities. I highly recommend Leigh for those who want to change and live life more fully."   
                    K. M. -  Bay Area