INNER ENERGY TRANSFORMATION - Multi-Dimensional Healing & Counseling
Are you ready to change your life from the inside out?

Leigh McDougall, M.A. 

Leigh McDougall is a gifted intuitive facilitator of self-realization processes. She has the ability to reveal and catalyze the release of core mental/emotional patterns that are the sources of stress, emotional conflict and limitations that shape our lives and relationships. 

Activating Self-Realization & the Synchronicity of Soul

When limiting belief patterns are identified and transformed- something remarkable happens~ the creative potential of the soul is revived with an inner knowing~ you are free to activate change in your life and change is accelerated in a flow of new possibilities for personal growth.

The Soul-Calling Intensive is a 5 session program that works directly with where energy is withheld in core conditioned patterns. These ground-shifting sessions go deep and have profound repercussions. The difference between living your life on the margins or coming into your own~ into your soul-calling.

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 Will inner energy work benefit me?

Do you recognize any of the following signs and conditions in your own life? 

Déjà Vu All Over Again

If you are stuck doing the same thing and getting the same result, then it's time to process the energetic complexes that are at the root of your experiences. Who you are and what is possible is greater than you imagined.

 Breakdowns and Break-ups
Breakdowns and break-ups in our lives and relationships are often a signal of a deeper disconnect that needs addressing. These aspects of soul energy are wanting to be transformed through authentic expression.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Sometimes we withdraw for a good reason- hiding out is another thing. Have you withdrawn from an important aspect of your life? 

Can't see the forest for the trees? If you are enmeshed in relationships and circumstances that overwhelm and confuse you- perhaps it's time to rediscover your soul's essence and to personally grow. 

Let's get down to what is really real

Are you boxed in by your own thinking processes? By old fears and beliefs that have become codified as "the way it is".  Are you secretly wishing you could revitalize your life and create anew? 

When you change, your environment changes too~
When your inner resolve changes, everything is transformed~