INNER ENERGY TRANSFORMATION - Multi-Dimensional Healing & Counseling
It's time to wake up to who you are and what you are here to fulfill-

Leigh McDougall's soulful work helps people make monumental life changes in a very short time. What may take many months and even years in cognitive or talk therapy, meditation practices or other well-known energetic modalities, Leigh is able to get at the heart of in a few sessions. She has an intuitive mastery of pattern recognition and is able to identify and translate that awareness into immediate and meaningful realizations for her clients. Her work awakens the untapped potential that lies within. If you are ready to make a substantial change in how you live your life, you couldn’t be in better hands.
         C. Andersen- New Energetics

If you would like to experience my work-

SPECIAL OFFER! An Introductory Session 

Inner Energy Transformation initiates a series of specific breakthroughs in the areas that are holding you back from experiencing your creative potential.

If you are ready to jump-start changing your life from the inside out- then this work would benefit you. 

Simply fill out the CONTACT page and let me know a good time to reach you. I will contact you by phone and e-mail.

Our initial phone conversation gives you an opportunity to ask a few questions and gives me a sense of what you are interested in exploring. We will then set up an appointment. 

Once the appointment is scheduled it must be paid for in advance by credit/debit card using the PAY PAL Special Offer feature. I will confirm your appointment and payment prior to your session.

After you've experienced an introductory session you may choose to work on a particular issue for as many sessions as you need. I do recommend that you consider doing a series of sessions in order to experience the deeper potentials of our work together.

Many of my clients have found that their lives have indeed changed for the better- they have grown and are empowered by a depth of awareness that is profound and exhilarating in its possibilities.  

I look forward to making a difference in your life